New Product Spotlight: TOSIBOX SoftKey

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TOSIBOX Locks and Keys have been quietly changing the way building operators and controls contractors run automation systems by enabling remote access without introducing security risks to the network. Now, the TOSIBOX SoftKey makes that effort even easier.


The SoftKey is software that enables a secure connection between an authorized user computer and one or more TOSIBOX Locks, offering full visibility and control over the network devices. It works like the Key but is available in the cloud.

Controlco is now carrying TOSIBOX SoftKeys. The following part numbers are now available in our online store or from your sales rep:

  • TBSKL1 to grant network access to one computer
  • TBSKL5 to grant network access to five computers
  • TBSKL10 to grant network access to ten computers

TBSK-imageOnce access is granted from the Master Key, the SoftKey offers full visibility and control over network devices. Each SoftKey is controlled via a physical Master Key and therefore cannot be used to create more keys or Mobile Clients. Just like all other TOSIBOX Sub Keys and Mobile Clients, a Master Key user can revoke access rights from a SoftKey at any time.

Contact us to purchase your SoftKey or for help setting up your secure building device network.


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