How to Achieve Remote Connectivity, Without Security Compromise or Extra Cost

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Last week we talked about how secure connectivity can save your BAS, and why the age of fearing remote access is over. Today we’ll talk about ways you can actually achieve secure connectivity.

The hardware products that are succeeding at secure connectivity for building automation systems are set up a lot like a standard lock and key system, but digital. One small piece of hardware sits at one endpoint serving as the lock that protects all of the information that is received from the device. Another small piece of hardware, the key, plugs into the lock for access to the network devices that are plugged into the lock. The lock only opens when that key is activated.


The lock and key concept is a simple way to outline the process of how intelligent networking devices with cryptoprocessing capabilities communicate and allow access to devices securely and remotely. As complicated as that sounds, the lock and key concept still applies.

There are certain products that make sense for different parts of a building automation system, or for different types of integration projects (new construction versus building retrofit, for example). But our integrator and contractor customers are finding that a new product out of Finland is providing the best bang for the buck right now.

The TOSIBOX lock and key product suite has some of the most promising, secure and easiest to use products that we’ve seen for these applications. We’re focusing here on the remote connectivity aspect, but the same products are also great for secure connectivity from a hard-wired connection. The TOSIBOX product suite ranges from enterprise level hubs for VPN connections to USB-style keys for access to individual devices.

One integrator recently purchased the Virtual Central Lock, Lock 200s and Key 200s for deployment in a new building construction in Mexico City. The integrator found an immediate decrease in the number of field tech deployments to the job site, lower costs because no IP addresses were needed, and excellent network availability and up-time.

Browse the product suite in our online store then contact a rep to discuss your secure connectivity needs.


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