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You may have heard, Tosibox is our newest distribution product. The American subsidiary of Finnish company Tosibox Oy is only a few years old and it has mostly been adopted in the industrial space. We at Controlco like to be first to the distribution market with products that are new to the building automation industry so we’re really excited about representing Tosibox for the commercial buildings space.

While our team is deeply involved in real-world examples of why Tosibox is the best product available for secure remote connectivity to building devices like air handlers, JACEs, lighting systems and more, it turns out those who keep a close eye on innovative technologies have been aware of Tosibox for years.

In a massive report on “Solving the Persistent Security Threats for the Internet of Things,” TechCrunch contributor Ben Dickson had this to say about Tosibox in 2015:

“Other companies such as Finnish VPN company Tosibox are providing versatile encryption solutions that add an encrypted control layer to remote data access mechanisms in order to improve file access security on devices that are lacking such features.”

If you didn’t catch the key word that was repeated there, it’s encryption. For our purposes in the commercial buildings space, Tosibox has two main products – conveniently called locks and keys. For the wonkiest among us, they describe their locks and keys as “intelligent cryptoprocessing devices.” For the rest of us, that means they come with built in security, as in the encryption that Mr. Dickson is referring to.

In his TechCrunch article, Dickson makes the case for on-device encryption as the most secure way to protect data that flows through devices and to protect access to the devices that are connected to each other. At Controlco, we’re working side by side, or usually phone to phone, with building controls contractors and integrators who are confronted with issues related to HVAC troubleshooting, remote building network access and secure connectivity among many other things. We believe Tosibox solves these problems and we’re glad to see that some people have believed that for longer than we have. Let’s talk more about secure connectivity to your building devices.

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