VYKON to stop producing legacy JACE platforms

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With the introduction of the JACE 8000 and Niagara AX version 3.8u1 which features 8000 support, VYKON will stop producing legacy JACE platforms and components. Beginning January, 2017, VYKON will phase in the End of Life (OLD) process. The last time to buy legacy JACE are:

JACE 700 – January 2, 2017

JACE 300E – July 1, 2018

JACE 600E – July 1, 2018

Replacement recommendations from Tridium, to keep systems operating a maximum functionality:

vykon ordering info final

Tridium says it will continue to support the above products according to its Maintenance Policy. Controlco will continue to sell JACE 8000 and End of Life JACE products until their expiration as determined by VYKON.

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