Brian Turner Announces Launch of OTI for Leading-Edge Automation Solutions

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Today, Brian Turner, known for his role as President of Controlco, announces the launch of OTI, created from the Systems Integration team of that established building automation distributor. Brian Turner, along with Clint Bradford, VP of Project Operations, and Jason Dewar, VP of Sales, will begin an ongoing transition with existing integration customers that will ultimately streamline workflow and enhance technological adaptability.

“The creation of OTI allows us to focus on comprehensive integration projects that utilize the best hardware and software available in our industry to help our customers take full advantage of the Internet of Things,” Brian Turner, now President of OTI, said.

As a purely operational technology integrator, OTI will focus on selecting the correct products for all applications and implementing those products into a building’s life cycle in a harmonious way.

“By spinning off from Controlco, our dedicated OTI sales and implementation teams can offer total solutions for all building and energy management needs while the Controlco teams can focus on their distribution partnerships,” said Clint Bradford who will oversee new and existing projects at OTI.

“We see OTI as the best way to get buildings performing at optimal levels and providing the best experience to occupants and tenants,” said Jason Dewar who brings his extensive product expertise to the OTI team.

Moving forward, OTI’s integrations will aim to increase energy savings, provide the highest level of network security and enhance operational efficiency without compromising occupant comfort.

About OTI
We are a master systems integrator built from a combined 200 years in building automation. With the massive increase in the number of sensors and network-connected controllers in commercial buildings, we saw a need to specialize in operational technology integrations to improve business performance and peace-of-mind for our partners. Learn more about the company at

About Controlco
Controlco is a leading distributor of the industry’s best controls products used to improve building performance and owner peace-of-mind. Since 1958, Controlco has supplied products for hundreds of customers with a variety of building types, from hospitals to schools to government buildings. Learn more at

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