Hosting services

Hosting services – running internet servers so that customers can access the internet and internet-enable applications. The most common type of hosting service is web hosting. If you have a website, it is likely hosted by an outside party, like Go Daddy or Blue Host. These companies operate the servers that allow your website to be shown on the internet. In building automation, hosting is also needed to run control programs.

Hosting services for building automation:

The smart buildings and smart grid industries need to access data in a completely different way than those in the business intelligence space. While the analytic engines are very similar, our databases are typically time-series databases specifically designed to allow for high speed, frequent access to information. They’re built to scale to the demand of smart buildings and the smart grid. In order to effectively manage the energy in a facility, or a group of facilities, the routines must have a historical perspective, all the time. This means the data needs to be accessed quickly so machines can truly make decisions…in the cloud.

Since Controlco built the infrastructure and is using for enterprise clients, we’re making it available to other people who are using Niagara. We now have the infrastructure built to support the enterprise client, but are keenly interested in bringing these resources to the rest of the buildings industry. Building owners, system integrators, and controls contractors can now gain access to our infrastructure for prices similar to those purchased from the more commonly recognized hosting providers. For those customers, we build a window server and firewall rules, then run the service on a monthly lease agreement. This gives customers the ability to enter the cloud within our database without having to cut their own teeth trying to figure out how to customize an out-of-the-box service like they’d get elsewhere.

These databases are able to access thousands of rows of historical data and compare it to near-real-time data to make intelligent decisions and take action, several times per minute. We needed this capability and we knew our customers did too.

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