Using LogMeIn for remote access to building sites? Try this instead.

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remote-login-e1510164072822.jpgSo your client doesn’t want a static IP address? Maybe they don’t want to add the cost to their operating budget (as was the case with this integrator on a project in Mexico City), or they’re concerned about the security risks that the static IP address poses (because, you know, they’re all published on the open web). Your LogMeIn workaround has been working fine, but what if you didn’t need a Windows OS just to perform remote management functions? What if you could gain remote access without a static IP address direct to any controller in your network?

Controlco is now distributing TOSIBOX, a secure remote access device that does all of that, without the need for a Windows OS or a third-party application like LogMeIn. TOSIBOX locks sit within the operational technology network and they can only be access via TOSIBOX keys, which are serialized upon point of purchase and managed through a secure administrative interface that only the master key holder can access.

Browse the hardware and virtual product line in our online store and contact us to talk about how TOSIBOX can free you from LogMeIn or other third-party access platforms.

*Photo by Illusive Photography on Flickr.

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