Tagging – Tagging is the act of assigning a metadata meaning to a word or phrase written in plain text. If you’ve ever used social media or heard reference to the “hashtag,” you understand the basic concept of tagging.

Broadly, assigning a tag to a word or phrase makes that word or phrase searchable over the internet. On social media, anything can become a hashtag by applying the hashtag symbol “#.” Everything that uses the exact same words or phrases attached to that hashtag will be categorized by whatever social media framework you happen to be on, thus making it possible to see everything that contains that hashtag throughout the network.

In building automation, tagging is used to create searchable categories by which humans and data models can find building devices. Search your building automation system network for a tag (predetermined by your network administrator, or better yet following a systematized tagging protocol built for the building automation industry). Search the tag, find the device.

The tag lays the foundation for enterprise level management of individual devices from one building or an entire portfolio of buildings distributed around the country.

Building automation frameworks built on tagging:



Kodaro analytics

Niagara 4