Secure cryptoprocessor

Secure cryptoprocessor – A secure cryptoprocessor is a specific part of a computer chip that is dedicated to securing that device by carrying out what are called “cryptographic operations.” The term “crypto” is becoming popularized by bitcoin and discussions of “cryptocurrency.” The prefix “crypto” can be applied to anything that establishes secure communication at the device layer – so nothing is going in or out that isn’t allowed to go in or out.

For consumers, cryptoprocessors are utilized in ATMs, tv set-top boxes and the new chips required in American credit cards. For building controls contractors and systems integrators, cryptoprocessing is being worked into more and more of the devices you use throughout your buildings. This is because security is becoming an increasing concern.

Examples of building automation devices with cryptoprocessors:

Intel’s Trusted Platform Module in the new Dell Edge Gateway contains a secure cryptoprocessor

Tosibox’s Keys contain cryptoprocessing capabilities

IoTium’s operating system enables to Intel TPM on the Dell Edge Gateway with Kodaro’s Niagara 4 Port