Remote Connectivity

Remote connectivity – remote connectivity is the ability for authorized users to access devices over the internet, without a physical connection to that devices. Within the operational technology side of building infrastructure for building controls contractors and integrators, remote connectivity allows them to log into a system securely from a remote location to diagnose problems, assess network up-time or conduct routine maintenance on the device or system.

The technology has been available to the industry for years, but it was not always secure. In 2012, the Washington Post unleashed a bombshell investigation on the industry when it published “Tridium’s Niagara Framework: Marvel of connectivity illustrates new cyber risks.”

Since the article, Tridium, Niagara and the whole building automation industry have gone through many iterations to address the security concerns that were unveiled. Today, advanced encryption capabilities and a unified understanding of cyber threats have allowed people to get more comfortable with the idea of remote connectivity for building automation.

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