Data Visualization

Data visualization – the presentation of data in a pictorial or graphic format. The most common form of data visualization is through charting. Visualizing large amounts of data allow it to be analyzed quickly, in a way that lets the user identify patterns and make decisions that impact performance.

How it’s used:

Data visualization can be helpful for a variety of business objectives, including:

  • identifying areas that need attention or improvement
  • understanding what factors influence a customer’s behaviors
  • knowing which products to place where
  • predicting sales volumens
  • discovering how to increase revenues or decrease expenses

In the building automation space, data visualization is helpful to:

  • monitor systems
  • track historical data
  • predict future issues
  • detect faults within the system
  • display usage rates and energy cost conversions

Unique ways data can be visualized:

data visualization

data visualization

data visualization


data visualization

data visualization

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