Glossary of Terms

As you’re considering ways to make your commercial or industrial building more energy efficient and looking into options for how to cut down your operating budget, you may run into some terms that are new to you. Here we have defined a handful of terms common to the building automation industry so that you may feel more comfortable endeavoring on your energy controls project. Click on the word for a detailed definition and links to related articles from around the web.

analyticsthe simultaneous application of statistics, computer programming, and operations research to quantify web performance.

big dataa term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of structure and unstructured data, made commonplace by Internet companies like Google and Facebook who process massive amounts of data and develop innovative ways of harnessing that to gain insight into users.

building automation system (BAS) – centralized, interlinked networks of hardware and software which monitor and control the energy environment of commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.

building managersthe position that oversees employee and visitor safety within a commercial or industrial building.

building retrofits – when building managers decide to replace old, perhaps broken or inefficient building systems with new technologies and controls to improve energy efficiency and save money.

cloud computingdescribes when virtual servers are used to house applications and user data, taking the information out of the hardware and putting it at a neutral, third-party location.

commercial buildingsthis can include office buildings, warehouses or retail. Commercial buildings are subject to strict zoning regulations.

data centera facility used to house computer systems and components.

data visualizationthe presentation of data in a pictorial or graphic format.

energy efficiencyperforming the same tasks while using less energy.

energy managers – see building managers

Honeywellan American, Fortune 500, multinational conglomerate headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey.

hosting servicesrunning internet servers so that customers can access the internet and internet-enable applications.

HVACheating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies to control temperatures in built environments.

industrial buildingsthis can include factories, power plants, water treatment facilities, sawmills, shipyards, manufacturing facilities, nuclear facilities, textile mills and others.

internet of thingsinformation networks that are built into physical objects and connected to internet servers.

Johnson Controlsan American Fortune 500 company located in 150 countries offering technology products to optimize buildings for energy efficiency.

lighting control system like other building controls, a lighting control system gathers lighting data and processes it through a computer in order for the information to be used by building managers to more efficiently manage their buildings.

NiagaraAXowned by Tridium, a global software and services corporation, is a software framework and development platform for building device-to-enterprise applications and internet-enable products.

systems integratora person or company that specializing in connecting building subsystems into one integrated computer network so that they function together and can be managed jointly.

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