How one controls contractor achieves nearly perfect uptime for sensors on battered rooftops

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Rooftops in south Florida routinely get their butts kicked. From excessive heat to chart-topping humidity and hurricane force winds, any device that Ross Jimenez and his team at Smart Building Solutions install across their Miami territory must be comfortable with extreme conditions. Eight months ago, he started testing out Belimo’s line of sensors on select rooftops. After just two properties, he decided to switch for good.

Aerial View of Downtown Miami Florida

“For me, hands down my favorite thing about these sensors is that all enclosures are 4x [outdoor rated],” Jimenez said one Friday afternoon through scattered thunderstorms and 69% humidity. “That comes standard. So by the time you account for having to buy separate enclosures [for sensors from other manufacturers], the price difference isn’t that much.”

In fact, Jimenez explained, he’s been able to standardize operations and hasn’t had to pass on any cost increase to his customers.

“When I factored in volume discounts and the time I’m saving by only buying from one vendor, I’m not going to increase costs by a dollar.”

Belimo launched the sensor line – complete with variations for temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, volatile organic compounds and flow – in 2017. The goal was to make for seamless integration with Belimo valves and actuators while also improving comfort and operational efficiency.

Though they look different on the outside, Jimenez and his team have found that it’s pretty much the same for engineers and installers to work with Belimo sensors as any other sensor brand they’ve encountered. Belimo still conducted training with their team just to be sure.

Nearly a year and one hurricane season later, Jimenez reports the failure rate on installed sensors is “next to nothing.” In case it wasn’t, there’s the “spectacular” Belimo warranty to fall back on.

“Anybody who’s skeptical can start by just looking at the Belimo name,” Jimenez said.

To help our own customers make the switch to Belimo sensors, we’re in the midst of a promotion that nearly eliminates any cost barriers you may encounter. We can also help with overview training for interested teams to gain understanding of Belimo sensors, how they function within an energy management system and best practices for installation. Finally, Controlco customers can access direct support for crossover or site assistance from Belimo if needed.

To request training, crossover or on-site support with Belimo sensors, contact us at Put the subject line “Belimo sensors” so we know to get back to you quickly. Or give us a call at (800) 800-7126.

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