More Ways to Deploy Niagara at the Edge

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In a much anticipated product announcement, Tridium released information about its brand new Edge 10 controller along with a huge Niagara 4.7 update. The Edge 10 does exactly what you’d think – it enables a 10-point IP-based connection to run the Niagara Framework at the edge, pulling operational data directly into Niagara.

The Edge 10 only runs on Niagara 4.7 (or higher, when newer Niagara versions become available). New features for 4.7 include:

  • New provisioning steps for common processes like updating Niagara distributions, updating security settings (including certificates), and configuring out-of-the-box Niagara devices.
  • A new template type called “Application Templates” that allows you to create templates of entire applications and deploy them to running stations.
  • The ability to set the secondary port of the JACE as a DHCP server.

On that last point, configuring the JACE to be a DHCP server creates an isolated network off the main JACE network where all management can be done from the JACE. The network would look like this:


For details on more Niagara 4.7 features, download Tridium’s data sheet.

Some beta users have already found success with the Edge 10 controller, as outlined in this Automated Buildings article. From their initial reviews, it sounds like the Edge 10 is a workhorse that enables cost-effective energy management initiatives in older buildings that may not be ready for full rip-and-replace operations.

To dig deeper into the functions of the Edge 10, Tridium offers the following resources:

Controlco is in the process of getting Edge 10 controllers to our warehouse and our purchasing department is updating licensing requirements for Niagara 4.7. We’ll post the inventory to our web store as soon as we have it. In the meantime, contact our sales team to talk through any questions about how the Edge 10 can fit into your overall BMS strategy – (855) 425-6657 or

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