GC5 Controller Achieves BACnet approval

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Today, Global Control 5 officially announced that its iSMA-B-FCU controllers have met the rigorous BACnet standards to achieve BTL qualification. With this announcement, all GC5 products have been tested and fulfill the ISO 16484-6, the BTL Test Plan 14.0 including all BTL testing policies.

Why do this matter?

BACnet Testing Laboratories was established by BACnet International to support compliance testing and interoperability testing for all products that communicate in the BACnet protocol. This standardization procedure puts products through rigorous testing measures and offers an unbiased seal of approval. This way, consumers know that products that claim to communicate in the BACnet protocol actually do.

For Global Control 5, the Poland-based Niagara Community member, this is an important step to launching its full line of open-protocol controllers in the U.S. Currently, the MIX and MINI lines of I/O are available for sale in the United States. Browse Controlco’s inventory and stay tuned for more announcements as the rest of this BTL-approved product suite becomes available in your area.

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