SkyFoundry Releases SkySpark 3.0.15 and an Exciting New App

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In their latest company newsletter, SkyFoundry has announced the release of SkySpark 3.0.15 which they describe as “one of the most significant SkySpark releases ever” with a “long list of exciting new features.”

Expanding from the release of View Builder late last year, SkySpark 3.0.15 adds the ability to modify the presentation of the standard SkySpark Apps with “no programming required.”

The analytics company is most excited about the Swivel feature they’ve built into the Spark, KPI and Energy Apps to make it easier to “slice and dice” the data for presentation to any interest group you may find within your organization or customer site.

Read more about Swivel and how to can enhance your SkySpark experience in SkyFoundry’s Insider newsletter.

And when you’re ready to get started with SkySpark, let us know and we’ll work together to figure out which point pack would be best for your needs.

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