New and Powerful Tools for Fiber

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If you’re receiving our emails, you may have seen this article today. If you’re not on our list, join us? Note, this post has been edited to clarify the details around SFP+ and SFP ports. The listing on our web store has also been updated, and new data sheets are in progress.

Optigo Networks is expanding its suite of aggregation switches for fiber and operational technology networking to include an 8-port smart aggregation switch with 4 10Gb/s SFP+ ports, 4 1Gb/s SFP ports and a 112Gb/s backplane. We’ve been early adopters of Optigo Connect technology with customers in new constructions and retrofits throughout North America and we’re always ready for more. The new ONS-S8 switch is ideal for surveillance and closed-circuit video systems, as Optigo explains in this stadium case study.


Fiber and smart switches powerful enough to manage an integrated building are what we consider the backbone of the OT network. If you still need convincing on why an OT network is crucial for buildings to future-proof, read through our introductory post. When you’re ready, here’s a breakdown of essential Optigo Connect products to get your OT network running in all the right directions.

The ONS-S2 provides a simple management layer for OT fiber networks capable of managing thousands of downstream devices. This is where it all began.

A powerful member of the Optigo Edge Switch family, this 8 port, hybrid PoE switch contains its own power supply and supports plug’n’play operation directly out of the box.


ONS-C2401p – 10% off until June 15!
We’re offering 10% off this powerful ONS-C2401p edge switch. Complete with centralized PoE and 24×10/100/1000 RJ45 ports, this switch is a game-changer for large OT networks. Enter 24PORTSALE at checkout or mention this email to any Controlco sales rep. And don’t forget, we always offer free shipping on orders of $750 or more.

Great for industrial, small panel PoE security, this edge switch plugs directly into Optigo’s passive optical networking technology for flexible and redundant topologies reaching up to 8 miles and reducing cabling costs up to 80 percent.

This passive optical daisy-chain splitter with 95/5 split allows you to optimize cabling throughout your smart building by running on a single fiber. The YPS model has star topology with an ABS plastic enclosure.

But wait, there’s more!
The Optigo Connect line literally has a switch and splitter for every building, so browse their whole catalog in our web store. For the actual fiber strands to run through your building, check out our Clearfield inventory of pre-terminated, ready-to-run fiber.

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