Tridium announces Niagara AX updates

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In a recent email, Tridium underscored its commitment to supporting its “final long-term Niagara AX platform” with the release of Niagara AX 3.8. The company says these AX updates mirror enhancements native to the Niagara 4 platform, including quality and security upgrades along with added features. The idea is still to get AX platforms migrated to N4 in the long-term, but Tridium says these AX updates will make that process smoother.

You may have noticed that Controlco is one of the only authorized Tridium trainers still hosting Niagara AX classes. Though they’re fewer and farther between than our Niagara 4 sessions, this AX update from Tridium underscores the need for technicians to continue honing their skills on the Niagara platform. So as you review the AX upgrades, if you’re not yet Niagara AX certified, consider coming to our class in late April. Like the new version of AX, the course will make your inevitable transition to N4 a lot less painful.

Among the AX upgrades Tridium outlined:

  • Improved memory stability for legacy JACE
  • Support for JACE 8000 IO R 16 and 34 point modules
  • TLS 1.2 enabled (latest security standard)
  • New cipher suites supporting Perfect Forward Secrecy

Direct from Tridium:

Click to download Niagara AX 3.8u3:

Niagara AX 3.8 users now can enjoy several of the features that make Niagara 4 our most robust and secure platform. Please contact your Tridium account manager or Niagara partner if you have questions about either this release or preparing for Niagara 4 migration. 

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