Product Spotlight: EasyIO FS and FW Controllers

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Wi-Fi solutions for VAV, FCU, RTU and more


Released in September, the EasyIO FW series enables remote commissioning with no licenses, no fees and no installation of tools required. It is an ideal product line for contractors who want to offer something different than the usual suspects, while also positioning buildings to advance with the IoT without up-ending the workflow of the ground crews.


  • Live wiresheets
  • Live programming
  • BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP compliant
  • VAV, RT, FCU controller models
  • Built-in router with ability to mix wired and wireless models to extend range
  • Built-in dashboard using Sedona Framework, fully configurable
  • Haystack ready
  • Can be BACnet MS/TP client for up to 4 devices


  • School buildings or similar, where it is common to see multiple units on the same roof
  • VAV retrofits where Wi-Fi can create a competitive environment

Controlco reps have been advocates of this line for some time now and we’re beginning to offer individual training instruction to contractor customers who want to get up to speed quickly.


Part Number Features Data Sheet
EasyIO-FW-14 8 UI; 4 AO Download
EasyIO-FW-8 4 UI; 4 AO Download
EasyIO-FW-8V 4 UI; 4 AO; Differential pressure sensor; VAV control libraries Download
EasyIO-FABundle-V *Special* bundle pricing available for FW-8V with EasyIO Belimo VAV 5Nm 0-10V DC Actuator. Limited time. This bundle is ideal for new installs. On retrofits, the standalone FW-8V is all you need.

With this wireless upgrade, EasyIO has also expanded its capabilities with the FS 32, an incredibly powerful controller built on an open framework. It’s getting great reviews in the field. Details on that product here:

Part Number Features Data Sheet
EasyIO-FS-32 1 x 10/100 Ethernet port; 16 UI; 8 UO; 8 DO; BACnet, TCOM, Modbus & HTML5 web server Download

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