Speaking of training…we’ve got a new class for you

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Controlco’s training facility in California’s Bay Area will play host to a unique SkySpark training course Feb. 26-28. There’s a couple reasons you don’t want to miss this. First, there aren’t many opportunities to take a SkySpark Essentials course on the West Coast, and who doesn’t want to be in California in February?

Second, Kodaro‘s team of analytics programmers have broken out the course so that both programmers and non-programmers can explore the platform. Non-programmers have the option of taking the two-day course which still gives an in-depth understanding of the platform and the tools that make it this industry’s most capable building analytics engine, but you’ll be done before any mention of Axon (which is the programming language that SkySpark is built on).

SkySpark-ImageProgrammers can take the three-day course to get a full introduction to Axon from an instructor who works in the language every day.

Kodaro hosted its first SkySpark Essentials course for an exclusive group of its building analytics customers. It went so well that they’re opening it up to everyone and we strongly think you should join them. SkySpark is an incredible tool, but it’s not one you can just plug-and-play. Gaining a working knowledge of what it’s good for and how it actually works will be invaluable to your career as more building owners look to mechanical contractors and systems integrators for building analytics expertise.

Register for the class that makes the most sense to you.

Or, contact a Controlco sales rep to talk more about why SkySpark should be on your 2018 wish-list.


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