For New BAS Software Platforms, Introductory Training is Key to Success

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Before the Thanksgiving holiday we hosted what we hope were the first two in an ongoing series of FIN for a Spin classes. As controls and integration frameworks advance with the ever-buzzing “IoT,” we’re finding that in-person demo opportunities like that are great ways to introduce customers to new products before any money or purchase orders change hands.

From FIN’s perspective, these user trainings are helpful because users need to have success with their platform – if a controls contractor convinces his boss to use the platform on a project and then the project isn’t successful, the platform, and likely the controls guy, gets a bad rap. There can be lots of reasons why a project with a new software tool fail, but it shouldn’t come crashing down because a user can’t utilize a product to its full potential. In fact, that’s how FIN’s whole model is set up, they piece it out by introductory training, evaluation kit, add-ons and engineering tools. You can’t even buy the thing off the shelf. Which, again, is good because contractors and integrators have enough daily tasks to manage without piling on things like “learn a new programming language” or “figure out what magic bubbles do.”

At Controlco, we figure we’re all in this next phase of building automation together. Each platform is a little different, with unique dashboards, variable capabilities and unpredictable product features like “magic bubbles.” If you’ve been curious about FIN, let us know and we’ll happily set up a hands-on demo day in your area. And lunch will be on us.

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