How to Secure Your Ever-Expanding BAS

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Controlco and IoTium know that protecting building automation systems can be tough, even on a small network. And as your BAS expands to incorporate more points and controllers, security becomes a greater concern. But with the right network, security can actually scale with your system.
We’ll discuss security, scalability and network infrastructure with IoTium in a joint webinar on August 9. IoTium CEO and co-founder Ron Victor will discuss how their network infrastructure helps you isolate and secure your data from the edge to the cloud, without having to send a technician out to the field. Our Brent Dunlap will share how he works with clients to deploy the IoTium system quickly, and of course securely. 
Webinar details:
Ron Victor, IoTium CEO and founder
Brent Dunlap, Controlco national IoT product sales director
August 9, 9-10 a.m. pdt
Attendees will get a proposed architecture for a secure BAS that contains hundreds of sub-systems and multiple application connections.

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