Controlco Partner Sessions to Explore at IBCon2016

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realcomm sessionsWe’re getting into the thick of things here at RealComm IBCon 2016 and while Controlco execs aren’t on any panels this year, some of our partners are. If you’re wading through the conference booklet and wondering where to start, here are a few ideas:


A Changing Landscape – Understanding the Differences in Building Analytics Platforms

11:45 a.m. LL21D

John Petze, founder of SkyFoundry and Controlco collaborator, joins other analytics experts on this panel to explore data analytics for buildings. Conference organizers say this session will spotlight the best solutions in the industry, while allowing attendees to compare and contrast the options available in this growing space. Side note: come to our booth #1305 to hear how we’re using SkyFoundry and its analytics capabilities in two major projects.


Real-Time Energy Management – Beyond the Hype

11:30 a.m. LL21E

Longtime Controlco client and partner in energy efficiency Jeff Nash of GGP will share details about the projects he has spearheaded across the GGP portfolio of mall properties to incorporate real-time energy management into his team’s daily operations. Conferance organizers say this session will explore the technical, practical and business aspects of real-time energy management. And if anyone would know, it’s Jeff Nash of GGP.


Building Data Analytics – Real World Success Stories

2 p.m. LL21D

After lunch, Jeff Nash returns to the stage share stories about the incredible energy efficiencies he’s spearheading across GGP’s huge portfolio of mall properties throughout the country. Conference organizers say there is no better way to identify what the business drivers might be for a software solution than to talk directly with the people who have the most experience with these innovative solutions. As a partner with GGP for many years, we can attest that Jeff Nash is an incredibly powerful force in this space, and the opportunity to hear from him in this way is a good one. Remember to stay tuned to the Digie Award announcements tonight at 6 p.m., as GGP is a finalist for the retail category (also FYI, Controlco’s Brian Turner is a finalist for a Digital Impact Award too, so we have lots of excitement building for tonight’s announcement).



Defining a Smart Building Cyber Strategy – BMS, IoT and More

4:45 p.m. LL20C

With the explosion of IoT and its expansion into the buildings industry comes increased security threats. Controlco’s newest technology partner, IoTium, has developed a way to create a secure tunnel between an energy management system and an end user. For this session, IoTium’s CEO Ron Victor will join other execs from Intel, Stanford, and Cylance to discuss how their solution offers complete, comprehensive and well thought-out cyber security which encompasses BAS, IT and IoT governance. Come to Controlco’s booth #1305 to meet directly with Ron and other members of the IoTium team to hear how we’re using their technology to create secure bridges in our IoT implementations.

Members from the Controlco team will be at booth #1305 all conference, so between the sessions be sure to come by.

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