Controlco Named One of Four “Top Innovators” in Niagara Community for GGP Project

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Niagara Innovators

This just in from the 2016 Niagara Summit in New Orleans – Controlco has been named one of four “Top Innovators” in the Niagara community for its ongoing building automation, data, and analytics work with General Growth Properties. During his speech at the Summit, Tridium President and General Manager Nino DiCosmo unexpectedly flipped to a slide showcasing Controlco and GGP, along with other industry leaders such as Advanced Power Control for SAP; CBRE ESI for GSA; and CNS for elitedali™.

Following DiCosmo’s welcoming speech, Tridium VP of Products Prakash Pranay outlined the company’s security investments along with renewed focus edge and cloud technologies that will “completely change the IoT game. We want to lead this transformation,” he added.

Controlco President Brian Turner then joined leaders from IBM, Lynxspring and CBRE for a panel discussion on Niagara’s edge-to-cloud applications.

Niagara Summit 2016 continues through Wednesday. Follow @Controlco_USA and @NiagaraSummit for the latest updates.

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