Controlco Opens New York City Office, Expands High Level Building Services

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Controlco, California’s leading building automation systems integrator, has opened its fourth office outside its home state. The company’s New York City team will focus on Buildings IoT with a full suite of services for clients with multiple properties, primarily those with buildings spread across diverse regions.

“We have been expanding our BIoT offerings and it became clear that the opportunities in the Northeast warranted a full team on the ground,” said Controlco President Brian Turner. “We’re looking forward to serving as a leader in this field.”

Controlco NYC is an expansion of Controlco’s work as a systems integrator throughout North America. Currently managing millions of square feet of client space in the Northeast region, Controlco uses non-proprietary solutions that open up new possibilities for energy management and revenue generation. Offerings include full-scale retrofits as well as phased roll-outs so incremental updates can be made to keep costs steady throughout the life of a project. Controlco NYC is prepared to create fiber backbones, complete networking projects, and design and engineer integrated building automation systems, complete with tenant management software and building analytics, in single buildings and multi-property portfolios.

“I’m really looking forward to ramping up operations in New York City,” said Matt White, Northeast Regional Sales at Controlco. “Our focus is to help clients get the most money out of their existing assets and we already have a lot of exciting work underway.” White comes to Controlco with nearly 20 years experience working with building systems from telecom and networking to security and automation.

The New York City office is located at:

733 3rd Ave.

New York, NY 10017

About Controlco

Like everything today, the buildings industry is changing. At Controlco, we want to help you lead the way toward an energy- and cost-saving future for your buildings. To us, that future includes real-time analytics, readily available historic information, highly visual and easy-to-use energy dashboards and smart, efficient parts. Learn more about our 57-year history and where we’re headed in the future, at

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