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New from WattStopper
Neutral Sense Technology from WattStoppper makes it easier than ever before to install WattStopper’s award winning occupancy sensors on your project.

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Capable of supporting installation with or without a neutral in the box, using occupancy sensors with Neutral Sense Technology allows the installer to bring one product to the job site and know that it will be compatible with the existing wiring.
One product is all you need for multiple applications. There’s no configuration required.Just wire and go. With or without a neutral.

Now Available:

  • Automatic-on PIR sensors WS-301
  • Configurable PIR Sensors PW-301 and PW-302 for manual-on, bi-level, and 3-way applications
  • Configurable Dual Technology Sensors DSW-301 and DSW-302 for manual-on, bi-level, and 3-way applications

Count on WattStopper to deliver the convenience and reliability you need, with breakthrough solutions that help you manage energy.

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