Top 3 Benefits of Lighting Controls

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An Exploration of Lighting Controls, Part 3

Ok, so the last time that we touched on lighting controls it was to discuss how difficult it is to precisely estimate how much energy lighting controls can save. But, there are some things we do know about why lighting controls are important pieces of the energy-savings puzzle. Here are the top 3 benefits of lighting controls:

3.) Better lighting increases worker comfort

We know that building operations can greatly affect tenant’s comfort. It’s such a big deal that the U.S. Green Building Council created a coalition to promote healthy buildings and their ability to make happier lives. Heating and air might be your first explanations for this, but lighting is just as important. If lights are too bright, it can cause headaches, same for if lights are too dim. Finding a happy medium creates energy savings and less health problems.

2.) Dimmers do save energy

Despite what we talked about last time, we do know that dimmers save energy. Lighting manufacturer Lutron notes that dimmers contribute to 4-9 percent in energy savings because lights on a dimmer consume less wattage and non-dimmer switches, even when they are turned all the way up.

1.) LEED Points

Who doesn’t want those?


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