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Phillips Changes the Future of Lighting

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Fast Company reports on interesting new innovations from the multi-national corporation

In the March issue of Fast Company, writer Jon Gertner goes inside the Phillips Innovation Lab (a non-descript and tiny room in their Amsterdam headquarters) to speak with the creator of a new kind of LED.

In 2011, the article notes, George Yanni was tasked with creating something that would “make a splash” in the lighting industry. What he came up with, after 11 months of product development, was Hue, a wireless lighting system that allows users to change their lights into 16 million different colors, adjust the intensity, control remotely, and even offers gentle reminders about the world outside (“bring an umbrella, it’s raining,” “leave now, it’s time to catch the train”). And you thought lights could only turn off and on, oh and maybe dim a little bit.

It’s been on the market for about a year, and while Fast Co.’s Gertner initially dismissed it as “just another luxury product for those eager to jump on the new-gadgetry bandwagon,” he’s starting to see the light in regards to how important this new technology really is.

To read more on the history and future of this surprisingly revolutionary technology, read the full Fast Company article here.


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