Weekly News Roundup 9-13, 2013

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This week we saw lots of focus on Big Data. People were talking about it as it relates to healthcare and information technology and we in the building automation industry were talking about it as it relates to our energy controls and how to operate buildings better. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Here’s a rundown of the details:

Midsize Insider made an excellent case for why mid-sized business should be paying attention to Big Data and we explored how this can be applied directly to the building automation industry, taking a critical look at whether or not it’s really worth it (hint: it is!). Then, Greentech Media got technical with an inside look at data centers, the things that make it all possible.

A few companies announced some cool new products this week, like the Dimming Control Card from Hubbell and Honeywell’s SK-F485C wire to fiber converter.

The United States Green Building Council released a slew of continuing education classes available online, like this one on Net Zero energy.

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*Image from Wikimedia Commons

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