Training Courses for 2014

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Here at Controlco, we offer a variety of ways for you to stay up to date on the latest software developments and technical specs for the NiagaraAX platform. Our Controlco Technical Institute is now officially a NiagaraAX Certified Training Partner. This year, we’re offering:

  • NiagaraAX Technical Certification Course $2500
    • When you or your employee takes this certification class at Controlco, you are attending a class that is equivalent to the classes taught by Tridium, and upon passing the final exam, you will receive the exact same certificate issued by Tridium, Inc.
    • The goal of the 5-day Niagara AX Certification Technical Training course is to educate students to a basic level of technical expertise necessary to effectively and efficiently design, engineer, and program projects using the Niagara AX Framework. Students who pass the testing at the end of this class will receive a Certificate of Achievement testifying to their ability.
  • Vykon Pro Advanced $2500
    • Controlco Technical Institute is pleased to present a five day advanced AX course taught by Tridium factory specialist, James Johnson. The course instruction will include Niagara AX 3.6 and 3.7 enhancements, PX Graphics design, Export tags, Niagara provisioning, Web Supervisor best practices, Histories, BFormat basics, and much more!
  • DataEye Certification $1800
    • DataEye Certification is an intense 3-day course designed to teach the technical aspects of programming and using DataEye software. The course instruction will include introduction to DataEye, Basic Dashboard Design, Data Modeling, Analytics, Diagnostics and Outputs.

We will be adding more dates throughout the year, but so far, we are offering the NiagaraAX Technical Certification Course in the following sessions:

All classes take place in our Oakland, Calif., training center. Click on the links above to register, or for more information email

*Image from Wikimedia Commons

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