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Transforming NiagaraAX from the Inside Out

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You’re probably very familiar with the NiagaraAX framework. You’re probably using the product right now. Or, if you’re not specifically aware, it’s likely that whomever programs your Internet-enabled automation systems could give you an ear full. The platform was created in its original iteration (Niagara R2) in 1999 and then later upgraded to NiagaraAX to normalize data from different devices into one clear output. It’s now the foundation for many (dare we say most?) comprehensive enterprise control systems but like any piece of software, it’s not perfect and additions can always be made to account for changing times and enhanced needs.

That’s where we came in about six years ago. At that time, two of our top executives had worked for Tridium on the Niagara framework for more than six years. Given their deep knowledge of the platform, we knew that the biggest shortcoming in NiagaraAX was its inability to re-purpose equipment data without extensive programming. We wanted to create a set of back-end engines that would transform building data so that everyone involved in the building automation decision-making could better understand what’s really happening. At the time, owners/end-users were buying pre-programmed libraries of equipment diagnostic rules, to make the NiagaraAX data anomalies more understandable, but all they’d end up with were libraries of programs without any real connection to their systems. Fast-forward to about three years ago, we created a real-time diagnostics toolkit, inside of NiagaraAX, and called it Responsive Analytics.

When installed, the Responsive Analytics engine becomes part of the NiagaraAX platform; so instead of being on the outside grabbing a user’s database and importing it into the system and then mining it for intelligent data, Responsive Analytics is part of the real-time data that already exists. It searches the data as it happens and either notifies the user, in real-time, when there is a system anomaly, or executes appropriate, advanced instructions as it happens. So you know, when the building knows.

Because our solutions are part of NiagaraAX, we optimize your investment rather than add another layer of complication to an already complex situation. Let us know how we can add value to your NiagaraAX platform by contacting us today.

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