Weekly News Roundup: November 11-15, 2013

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There’s so much news to keep up with during the week that we thought it would be helpful to have one place to go for a quick recap on the big stories that happened in building automation and related industries. We’re looking at everything from solar energy programs to new HVAC control units – little notes that make good fodder for meetings or anything that might make you go “huh, that’s interesting.” If you ever have one that we missed in these weekly roundups, be sure to share it in the comments section or on Twitter @Controlco_USA. We’ll also be sharing the news links there throughout the week, so be sure to follow us.

Here’s what happened this week (and some before this week, since we’re making up for lost time here):

-The Department of Energy has been focusing on solar in a big way. First, news about a $1.575 million investment in a Florida solar project came through, then we got word that there’s a much larger solar adoption plan at play. Also, the Philadelphia Navy Yard is doing some solar experimenting.

-Johnson Controls announced a very 21st-century wireless thermostat and Honeywell released a distributed control system for small- to mid-sized applications.

-Lots of interesting statistics were floated, like 60% of execs see analytics as the next big thing; smart meter installs are expected to grow into the billions; the commercial building automation industry is expected to grow by more than 3%; and California won’t meet its dreamy emission-reduction goals, not by a long shot.

-Forbes reminded us that beauty is everything.

For more, follow @Controlco_USA and be sure to tell us what we missed in the comments.

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